The genius of Dario Fo: the "tradition of the clowns" that brought him the Nobel Prize

The genius of Dario Fo: the “tradition of the clowns” that brought him the Nobel Prize

Dario Fo was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature at the age of 71. It was on October 9, 1997, when the renowned playwright delivered a historic speech acknowledging this great recognition of his art. A title that takes the form of 7.5 million crowns, which corresponded to about 1.9 billion lire at the time. A decidedly special story, of the sixth Italian writer to be awarded the Nobel. Just think of the incredible way he discovered it all: “I found out from a car that pulled up next to me. i had A sign that reads ‘Dario you won the Nobel’,

Dario Fo’s speech

All the experts in this field were deeply surprised to learn that the Nobel would have been awarded to Dario Fo. In fact, his name was not included in any list of literary critics of the time. The two favorites were Indian Salman Rushdie, Indonesian Pramoedya Anant Toer, Portuguese José Saramago, Belgian Hugo Claus and Estonian Jan Kroos.

The sensational surprise of course made everything that much more engaging and compelling, as befits a well-written drama. In his acceptance speech, recalling the reasons given, Dario Fo wanted to remind The great role of the clowns of our time, We continue to view them with great distrust, especially by “outstanding thinkers”. However, what clowns do with pride is to inform the audience, especially if they are very young, without fear of condemnation or judgement. we aim for a good result highlight abuseAt the very least, lay the foundation for a different and more just society.

A different discourse from what had been previously proposed, as it was drawn and not written down. In fact, he said that he has been following this practice for years, which helped him give free rein to his imagination, as well as tickle the imagination of the public. Topic? against jugglers, Medieval Latin and the title of a law in force in the Middle Ages, directed against slanderers and insulting clowns. What was permitted was free rein for clowns to commit crimes, including assault and murder, without risk of trial: “I warn you at once that this law is over, so I may continue in peace “.

Nobel Prize Inspirations

The Nobel Prize in Literature to Dario Fo was born out of a need to highlight his work on stage, given that he had been a prominent figure in European political theater for 30 years at the time.

In inspirations we read about them great influence in the world, Bringing back the true meaning of the word clown, he is the person who deserves this adjective the most. In a mixture of laughter and seriousness, always well alternating, he is able to arouse a conscience about the injustices and abuses of the society he lives in.

it focuses on personal matters and, at the same time, broadens the vision of things, setting them in one broad historical framework: “Fo’s strength lies in his ability to create writing that entertains, engages and offers new perspectives. Like commedia dell’arte, they are open to innovative additions and modifications. His work is of extraordinary artistic vitality and scope.





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