This finger-worn mouse wants to replace Apple's Magic Mouse

This finger-worn mouse wants to replace Apple’s Magic Mouse

A German startup has developed a mouse without optical sensors that can be worn on the finger. called the clip mouse, it reproduces all the gestures of a magic mouse From Apple, and works with all compatible devices with a Bluetooth mouse.

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Here is a mouse that is out of the ordinary. There clip mouse Is a wireless, portable, minimalist U-shaped mouse. According to its creator, it was designed to replace magic mouse Which offers many gestures from Apple, but it also works on PC. Simply place it around two fingers, and it detects hand and finger movements.

clip mouse It’s meant for both left-handed and right-handed users, and promises 50 hours of battery life. she recharges Via A USB-C port, placed so as not to interfere with mouse use (unlike it). magic mouse from Apple, where the port is placed on the bottom of the mouse). The mouse detects hand movements with the help of a gyroscope, and integrates a touch area located directly under the fingertip to detect gestures such as clicks and their force.

Funding via Kickstarter campaign

The mouse operates in Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as any mobile device that accepts Bluetooth mice. It includes a button, easily accessible with the thumb, that allows it to be disabled in order to write freely on the keyboard. In the event of a problem, a three-second press resets the pointer to the center of the screen.

clip mouse Available only through the Kickstarter campaign. It has been introduced for 59 euros, which is to be delivered in October. You can choose the color of your mouse Via A survey after the campaign ended.


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