Binance Is Building A Wall Against The SEC

Binance Is Building A Wall Against The SEC

binanceUS branch of Binance USThe defense was sought claiming that the SEC had overstepped its bounds in the search and deposition process.

binance They seconds The trial between them continues with all its tension. Case, binanceIt involves extensive investigation. However, Binance has a pretty solid hand in this matter.

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In light of the litigation process, binanceA new step has come from crypto exchange, secondsHe claimed this. binance, secondsHe requested protection from excessive scrutiny.

Binance Requests Security

US branch of Binance Binance USNoted that the SEC conducts discovery procedures regardless of litigation. The exchange has sought protection against the SEC.

Binance US crypto exchange

Binance USmanages the operational process of BAM TradingFiled a security lawsuit against the SEC. bam,The SEC is conducting a fishing operation rather than the narrow and hot exploratory search permitted by the consent order.said. The fishing operation BAM is referring to describes an in-depth investigation. Despite the SEC’s investigation, Binance US claims to have provided sufficient information in the litigation process.

BAM said the SEC’s stand was unacceptable and abusive of the discovery provision. The exchange argues that the regulator’s pressure is unwarranted.





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