Brawl on the beach: The mayor who wants to strip Muslims

Brawl on the beach: The mayor who wants to strip Muslims

Summer brawls roil some north-east coasts: girls and women the targets Muslim and their bikiniOr those almost full-covering dresses that only expose the face, arms, and legs.

Burkini in Trieste: nobody likes it

il bikini (O burkini) is a cross between a burqa and a bikini, the most ideologically distant of all garments. Sometimes Muslim women who do not have a burkini, or who do not appreciate the burkini, bathe in other types of clothing. The burkini is halal (permitted), while exposing the skin to the sun and the gaze of other bathers is haram (forbidden).

it all started from here monfalconAt the gates of Trieste: in July Mayor Anna Maria Sisint They prominently adopted the burkini for reasons of “decoration” and “hygiene”. But not only that: in a long open letter, the first citizen of Monfalcone argued that the presence of fully clothed Muslims bathing could make other bathers uncomfortable and push them to other shores, leading to a large incident can happen. Injury on local tourism industry,

This dispute has now reached the neighboring country as well. Trieste: to the historian Lido Pedosyn Some bathers complained about the presence of Muslim women in burkinis. as reported by national newspaperOn Sunday, 13 August, some Islamic women would have reached the Lido to bathe. The women would have worn dresses, not the usual bathing suits. It would have been enough to make the other women shout “Here you shower, you don’t”. But other women may have intervened to protect Muslims in the name of freedom of religion and the right to have one’s body as it deems fit.

Blue robert dipiazza He’s married to the hard wing while at the helm of Trieste since 2016: “If you come to Italy, you know what country you’re coming to and so you have to adapt”, he says.

After the controversy over the expensive beach umbrella, which makes beach holidays more expensive, there is controversy over the amount of square decimeter of skin exposed to the sun.

Lido Pedosine and the wall that divides men and women

Lido Pedosine is the last person in Europe to practice gender segregation. The beach is divided by a wall: men go on one side and women on the other. The husband and wife enter together, then one goes in one direction and the other in the opposite. Separating them is a massive white wall, built in the Hapsburg era. Husband and wife can meet in water if they want.

Mayor of Monfalcone against Islamic swimsuit

returning monfalconNorthern League Mayor Anna Maria Sisint He says: “We are working on making an adequate provision that prohibits bathing in the sea wearing a burkini or in any case a blanket. We are serious people, by October I will be ready with a measure.” In short, the mayor will issue a rule regarding the dress code at bathing establishments and free beaches in the area. So, everyone will have until the summer of 2024 Postponed.

“There is no form of racism, if not the opposite,” assures Sisint, who says she is “proud to be determined to break the hypocrisy of tolerance of customs and traditions contrary to any civic sense”. Is”. According to Sisint, the way people dress on beaches is “one aspect of the fight for our civilization and tradition, which will be carried to the end to combat the system of oppression of women of the ‘Middle Ages’ that exists in some communities”. ” ,

“I get angry when I see the women in the center who, with temperatures over 30 degrees, have to cover their bodies, including their faces, with gloves and walk behind the men,” says Meyer.

About 30,000 inhabitants live in Monfalcone and about a third are foreigners.





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