CyberConnect (Cyber) listed on Binance surges strongly

CyberConnect (Cyber) listed on Binance surges strongly

As previously announced, the Binance exchange has made both CyberConnect (CYBER) and SEI (SEI) tokens publicly available.

CyberConnect surged almost 700 percent in the first second and managed to rise above $11. In SEI, this figure was around 300 per cent. Both tokens are listed in BNB, BTC, FDUSD, TRY and USDT pairs.

As will be remembered, Binance announced both projects on August 1st as Launchpad.

What is CyberConnect?

CyberConnect, the 37th project in the Binance Launchpool; It is a Web3 social network that allows developers to create social applications that give users control and ownership over their digital identity, content, links and interactions. The project uses Cybergraph, a so-called censorship-resistant smart contract. CyberConnect investors include Delphi Digital, Protocol Labs, Tribe Capital, IOSG Ventures, Ember Group, Polygon Studios, Draper Dragon, Animoca Brands, Multicoin Capital and Hashed.

For detailed information about CyberConnect, see What is Cyber ​​Coin? Read our article!

What is SEI network?

Sei, the 36th project on the Binance Launchpool, is a blockchain optimized for trading digital assets. Claiming to be the fastest blockchain in the industry, Sei can process 20,000 transactions per second, according to information on its official website. Investors of the project include such investment companies as Multicoin Capital, Delphi Digital, OKEx Ventures, Foresight Group, Jump Crypto.

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