Dario Scanapieco, The Role of Casa Depositi e Presti in the Italian Economy

Dario Scanapieco, The Role of Casa Depositi e Presti in the Italian Economy

Dario Scanapieco is a well-known and acclaimed economist. He has had an illustrious career and has played iconic roles in the last twenty years. An authoritative voice to say the least on the Italian and European financial front. It is no coincidence that this has been happening since June 2021 CEO of Casa Depositi e Prestiti, On the other hand, in 2023, he became a member of the Higher Executive Council of the Carlo Azeglio Ciampi School of Economic and Social Policies for the first time, and later became the President of the European Long Term Investors Association.

What is Kaisa Deposit e Prestige?

Especially close to Mario Draghi, Dario Scanapieco has assisted and contributed to the recent development of Casa Deposito e Prestigi, until he became its managing director. So it is important to understand what it is and what exactly is the operation of this company, in order to get a clear idea of ​​the thought of this famous economist.

CDP, or Casa Depositi e Prestiti, is a joint stock company which, however, appears to be under public control, Its majority shareholder is the Ministry of Economy and Finance and always will be. However, on the minority shareholders front, we have foundations of banking origin, which work in favor of the social, civic and cultural context of the different Italian regions.

This ancient company, born in 1850, aims to offer a support, integrate with local authoritiesFor all stages of construction of public works. The development of the Italian entrepreneurial structure is also supported on the international front, by guaranteeing equipment and skills.

Dario Scanapieco’s point of view

Dario Scanapieco’s thinking is very clear. In his view, the CDP should remain an addition to the market. This means not doing what the market does in high risk phases. It is at such historical junctures that the role of the Casa Depositi e Prestiti becomes all the more important: “For example, we guarantee export support For those Italian companies that went to some countries”.

If we talk about the international economy, we cannot fail to mention PNRR, not in this post-covid phase. He had expressed a positive opinion on the work done during the last phase of the drawn government, however, underlining the need to stop and appreciate the work done, instead focusing on the near future.

he set the alarm cost severity, It has also increased due to the war waged by Russia in Ukraine. A situation that today shows its effects in surprising ways in which Italian families are involved in every aspect of daily life. Knowing how to intervene, the CDP has as its objective the projection of Italy, an increasingly important market in which we should have clearly and clearly had a place for some time. We are talking about renewable energy, which today more than ever represents the true path to tomorrow. Industrial and cultural transformation is necessary. This is the view of Scanapieco, which confirms how CDP is “analyzing everything that can be done to be able to increase installations”. renewable sources in italy,





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