Former FTX executives will be on the defense for the fifth time!

Former FTX executives will be on the defense for the fifth time!

Former FTX director Ryan Salame plans to testify again about Sam Bankman-Friend’s illegal operations.

The SBF, which has been on the agenda recently with illegal campaign issues, continues to shake off FTX’s other authorized names. Ryan Salame, who has made four defense statements about these events so far, announced that he plans to testify for the fifth time. A motion submitted by US federal prosecutors on 14 August stated that Salame would be unavailable to testify as a witness.

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Illegal campaigns continue to vibrate

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Court documents and Federal Election Commission data suggest both Nishad Singh and Salame may have been involved in fraud and campaign finance violations in February. Salame reportedly gave more than $24 million to Republican candidates, leading up to the end of the last election cycle.

According to prosecutors, Salame told a family member in November 2021 that Bankman-Fried wanted to eliminate anti-crypto lawmakers through political donations, which Salame would help dissolve. Eagerly awaiting statements from FTX officials on illegal operations aimed at money laundering.