Even without going into detail about a lifetime’s work led by scientist Marie Curie, certainly a few first impressions are enough to immediately reveal the extent of her brilliant mind. Was the only woman to win the Nobel Prize in two different scientific fields. There First person to earn a science degree from the Sorbonne, First person to be awarded a PhD in Science in France. A life for science, with outstanding results for humanity. Even after her death, she achieved a record: the first woman to be buried in the pantheon of illustrious men.

Nobel Prize in Physics

The experiments carried out by Marie Curie with her husband Pierre Curie may have relied on rudimentary equipment. What is now called the Laboratory was nothing more than a garage, judging by the work done inside it during the century. His discoveries were made possible by immense scientific talent as well as commitment and passion.

It is a miracle that, given the means available, they have managed to reveal to the world Existence of other radioactive elements in natureAs well as uranium. the name of the first radiotracer, Homage to the Motherland of Marie Curie. second name changed radioIn view of its enormous radioactivity.

Incredible as it may sound, these discoveries were initially ignored. However, everything changed in 1903, when the Swedish Academy, recognizing the important nature of her work, honored Marie Curie, her husband, and Becquerel (discoverer of radioactivity, ed.). Nobel Prize for Physics,

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Struck by the tragedy of her husband’s untimely death after being hit by a car, Marie Curie did not leave her work aside. received the assignment that belonged to his wife, she was there first woman to teach at the SorbonneI am taking physics course.

In 1910, while carrying out his important scientific research, which was now done in an actual laboratory with many other equipment, he managed to isolate radium in a metallic form, so that it could be made more practical. it was 1910 and the next year Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Thus, as noted, she became the first woman to receive two degrees from the Swedish Academy in two different fields.

On the contrary, not only theoretical research. it was during the first world war worked as a radiologist, side by side with his daughter Irene. he was named Small curieTo machines equipped with radiographic equipment, which made it possible to make a diagnosis to remove bullets or identify the best possible treatment.

The feminist movement saw in her a role model, has managed to excel in a purely male field, ignoring the constant gossip against her and opening doors for many after her. A talented and, at the same time, a woman with iron morals. Suffice it to say that neither she nor her husband ever received any money for their discoveries. They were engaged in the service of the whole of humanity as they thought fit. Here is another part of the immense legacy of Marie Curie, who paid for her genius with her life, a severe form of aplastic anemia caused by constant exposure to radioactive substances.

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