Massimo Troisi's "Italian" Pablo Neruda: long-distance crossing of two genes

Massimo Troisi’s “Italian” Pablo Neruda: long-distance crossing of two genes

Pablo Neruda’s genius certainly didn’t need D postman To get proper recognition. What is undeniable, however, is that Massimo Troisi’s masterpiece inspired a strong will, even to the detriment of his own health, which later worsened, leading him, in popular memory, to Italy limited.

It is definitely an interesting story, which blends politics, poetry and cinema. A story that sees two geniuses in comparison, despite being distant in time from each other, inspired to touch upon each other in different poems in terms of ideas.

Pablo Neruda in Italy

Not everyone knows that, during his exile, Pablo Neruda lived in Italy for a whileRight in Naples. He divided his time between Capri and Ischia, choosing spectacular locations in the Southern Hemisphere, such as his native Chile. He visited various countries during his many travels, until one day he reached there. Bay of Naples, It was published in the same part of Italy, in the Capri phase, captain’s verseslove songs dedicated to matilde urrutiaAt that time he was recently known and was destined to be by her side until the end.

postman Could only rest on Chilean shoulders by Massimo Troisi, Antonio Scarmeta, author of neruda’s postman, A text born under complicated circumstances, to say the least. A novel written during the Pinochet dictatorship, the author made it in an attempt, he explained, to recapture the imperfect paradise he had lost, at least in imagination.

Pablo Neruda by Massimo Troisi

Somehow the Italian public has made the real Pablo Neruda a conflation with the on-screen Pablo Neruda. Philippe Noiret, surrounded by the giant Massimo Troisi, These, after reading Scarmeta’s novel, wanted at all costs to buy the rights to make a film, which was very different in many respects, but was able to restore various nuances.

The play that was Neruda’s, which finds ample space in the film, which often sees him sad, melancholic and apathetic, features the postman Mario as well as the talented Troisi, who suffers from fluctuating health.

His humble postman finds himself elevated by Neruda’s geniusAs in being able to identify the seed of poetry even in an illiterate worker who has too many feelings and no means to express them.

Mario thus succeeds in writing a poem that is able to fully express the feelings felt, thought and never explicitly addressed to his beloved. The words he wrote on the paper are actually Pablo Neruda’s. One of his masterpieces, naked, you’re simpleadapted from center of love sonnets,

naked you are as simple as your one hand,

Smooth, Earthy, Minimal, Round, Transparent,

You have moon lines, apple roads,

Naked you are as thin as bare wheat.

naked you are blue like a cuban night,

There are vines and stars in your hair,

naked you’re huge and yellow

Like summer in the golden church.

naked you are as small as a fingernail,

Curved, thin, pink by day of birth

And you enter the underworld of the world.

As in a long gallery of clothes and jobs:

Your clarity is over, it’s ready, it’s browsed

And he again becomes an empty hand.