Mid-August has arrived for Italians, but the bill is overpriced: prices

Mid-August has arrived for Italians, but the bill is overpriced: prices

very salty in mid august for Italians. August 15th still remains the highlight of the Italian holidays 20 million tourists who have chosen to focus their holidays on the month of August this year in spite of everything. actually about one in two Italians (48%) will spend mid-August away from home: On holidays, on a trip to the beach or in the mountains, at the house of friends or relatives, for a traditional picnic. who will have lunch in the restaurant will spend on average 5.3% more Compared to last year, Who will stay at home – 20% – For the expenses he has to pay till here 10.7% more, In fact, rates in the catering sector have shown an average increase of +5.3% over the previous year, with Viterbo increasing by 14.5%, Brindisi by 12.1%, Benevento by 11.2%.

The figures confirmed by the latest Coldiretti/IXE survey give a good picture of the impact of inflation on our wallets. Inflation, which has been moderating gradually, shows no sign of impacting consumer prices; largely – as Assoutenty and other consumer protection associations have been denouncing for some time – due to Firm position of industries and producers not to reduce prices,

As Coldiretti notes, the 2023 holidays still record, despite the end of Covid restrictions, a clear preference for Italy, driven more closely to home, by a desire to rediscover Belpez or already known With a desire to return to the places where we had a good time. Despite the difficult international situation linked to the war in Ukraine, the costs and inconveniences associated with air transport, “only” 28% of Italians chose a foreign destination.

Despite this Ban in mid-August, amid ban on bonfires and somewhat dubious finesto reach the top of the rankings more desirable destination there is always that, Mare. al second place in the priorities of Italians there are Mountains as well as countryside and natural parks, Good Also art city, as always attacked exclusively by foreigners. Particularly appreciated – Coldiretti continued in his analysis – there are also alternative options to know“Modest” ItalyAbout 72% of Italians who go on vacation declare that they visit small villages, perhaps only with a day trip.

Home remains the number one location stay on vacation Whether taken on an online platform, rented from friends or acquaintances, or owned, Italians choose freedom and comfort when on vacation. However, overall, hotels aren’t doing too badly as they outnumber bed and breakfasts, so interest has waned a bit compared to a few years ago.

Italy’s 25,000 holiday farms are also becoming increasingly popularAccording to Terranostra and Campagna Amica, this is driven by the search for more sustainable tourism, which has led the structures to increase the offer of activities with innovative services for sportsmen and lovers of peace and nature, and cultural activities such as archaeological Itinerary or visiting naturalist. or welfare.

But, we said, the bill is huge. According to Assoutenti’s survey, taking into account a home-made lunch for 8 people, with the same consumption trolley shopping increases by approx. 22 euro compared to last year, If we take into account a potential audience of 15 million households, we are talking about an increase of around 330 million euros.

Why does this happen? Due to the very sharp increase in the prices of food items. Assoutenti provides us with some examples. This is the biggest increase Sugarwho scores a +47,3% As compared to August 2022. price ofolive oil splash on del +30,6%The Potato of +26,9%il Rice of +26,7%I Tomato of +25%I’salad of +15,5%, fresh vegetablesmoderate salting +19,8%, too bad a blow for Fruit, which increases to 24.3% for oranges, +13.8% with a peak of 20.8% for stone fruit. me too dear ice creamThe masters of the Italian summer, who score +16,2%,

And then: price lists of carne they grow +6,2%from them frozen fish of +11,6%, Apart from this, considerable growth is also being felt on the dairy front: +18,6% For Latte reserve, +12,5% Curd, +18,1% I Thing hug i ready meals increase by +10,1%, Sauces and Spices of +10,5%, pastry products packed by +14,3%,

Finally, drinks and beverages are especially salient this summer: TheMineral water increases the +10,7%The drinks gas average growth +18,8%The alcohol free drinks From +16.9% prices of beer they go up +12,8% (+17.8% low-alcohol and non-alcohol), i fruit juices of +14,9%, All this time, upon returning from vacation, the sting of autumn awaits us (the biggest cost rises here).





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