Prime Trust joins Island Farewell

Prime Trust joins Island Farewell

Entering turbulent period with stable currency problems main faith, Chapter 11 Filed for bankruptcy protection.

Crypto startups going through tough days main faith, Chapter 11knocked on his door. the blockAccording to the news, a statement came from the company last night. main faithannounced that the company, along with its subsidiaries, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Prime Trust files for bankruptcy protection

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Las Vegas based crypto organization prime trust, Bankruptcy Court for the US District of Delaware‘I Chapter 11 Filed for bankruptcy protection.

prime trustThe statement said that the transaction was carried out under the supervision and control of a special committee. The company described its filing for bankruptcy protection as an effort to evaluate strategic options.

Crypto Company File, Estimated Liabilities 100 million they are 500 million It shows in dollars. prime trustIf the estimated value of the property 50 million to 100 million between dollars.

prime trustThe statement in connection with the bankruptcy protection application includes the following details;

“The Company plans to file a series of petitions with the Bankruptcy Court designed to facilitate the orderly consideration of all strategic options, including the potential sale of the Company’s assets and operations.”

The company showcased this application as an attempt to keep up with and pay the salaries of its employees.





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