Record price of gasoline: Bloodshed on the highways

Record price of gasoline: Bloodshed on the highways

august drives petrol price, as it actually is every summer. According to data provided by the Ministry of Transport, one liter per Self service in the Autostrada reaches average height 2,015 Euro,

petrol price today

The upward trend remains in place for the green, which on August 11 again reached 2.014 on the motorway.

il dieselIn Highwaytravel 1,921 Euro to liters self service, In the survey of Friday 11 August, its price was 1.9117 Euro / liter.
il GPL travel at altitude a 0,842 Euro per serving (0.841 on Friday the 11th).
stabilize methane A 1,528 Euro,

Average rates vary regionally: as far as self service The highest prices were recorded in the province of Puglia and Bolzano, with 1.969 euros per litre. Here is the price of petrol in different regions:

  • Autonomous Province of Apulia and Bolzano – 1,969
  • Calabria – 1.967 Euro/Litre;
  • Liguria – 1.964 Euro/Litre;
  • Basilicata – 1.963 Euro/Litre;
  • Sardinia – 1.959 Euro/Litre;
  • Valle d’Aosta – 1.957 Euro/Litre;
  • Molasses – 1,950 euros/litre;
  • Autonomous Province of Trento – 1.946 Euro/Litre;
  • Sicily – 1.943 Euro/Litre;
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia – 1.942 Euro/Litre;
  • Piedmont – 1.941 Euro/Litre;
  • Tuscany, Campania and Abruzzo – 1.940 Euro/Litre;
  • Lombardy – 1.939 Euro/Litre;
  • Umbria – 1.938 Euro/Litre;
  • Lazio – 1.936 euro/litre;
  • Emilia-Romagna – 1.934 Euro/Litre;
  • Veneto 1,921.

agreed to cut excise duty

At the same time, the association is pressurizing the government regarding expensive petrol. However, one government touted the idea of ​​cutting excise duty: “It was the previous government’s intervention when growth and energy prices were skyrocketing. The data today is very, very different and therefore we believe that public resources should be allocated where there really is an emergency such as tax cuts and disadvantaged families. This much Minister of Trade and Made in Italy, Adolfo UrsoIn a recent press conference on expensive fuel. In short, the blanket is short, the budget law must be written in 4 months and funds must be found to support low-wage workers and economically disadvantaged families.

At the end of July, on the eve of the great summer exodus to the holiday resorts, full user The increase in pump prices by up to +25% was condemned.

fuel decree does not slow down the flow of petrol

As established by the Fuel Decree approved in January, the obligation for petrol stations to indicate average prices began on 1 August. Price billboards should be clearly visible and show the cost of your system and the national average. Its objective is to promote transparency and competition. Fines for violators range from 200 to 2,000 euros, according to turnover. And after 4 violations, the activity is suspended.

because gasoline increases

The price of petrol and other fuels is primarily linked to seasonality. Fuel behaves just like any other commodity: As demand goes up, prices go up. Millions of holidaymakers pay multiple tickets to cross the boot and reach their holiday destinations and the cost of petrol increases.

But the price of fuel is linked to many other factors that are often unknown to consumers.





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