Spot Bitcoin ETF Letter to SEC: It's Time to Approve It

Spot Bitcoin ETF Letter to SEC: It’s Time to Approve It

The pressure is mounting on the SEC regarding the bitcoin spot ETF. Finally, an official ETF letter was written to the institution on behalf of Anthony Scaramucci’s investment company, Skybridge Capital.

The letter states that the SEC’s concerns about spot bitcoin ETFs and fears of manipulation are no longer warranted and that the price tracking agreement with Coinbase Exchange is sufficient to address them.

The company’s letter also states that they disagree with Grayscale’s letter to the SEC, which states that the first move would provide an unfair advantage if the latest changes are accepted. In other words, Skybridge said there should be no General Approval date as Grayscale wanted. Apart from all this, the letter also remarked that there were serious delays in approvals.

“His sincerity is evident…”

Eric Balchunas, one of Bloomberg’s ETF analysts, was not indifferent to the issue. Balchunas used the following statements in his commentary on the letter on his Twitter account:

“I will not question the integrity of the Skybridge company here as they are not in the running. There is no reference to ETFs. They have applied earlier also but not this time. Dont know why. But I agree with you.”

It was published:

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