The FedNow doping continues on Hedera (HBAR)!

The FedNow doping continues on Hedera (HBAR)!

FedNow, the instant payment system of the US Federal Reserve, brought a 35 percent increase in HBAR with the Hedera Hashgraph announcement.

Used as the instant payment system of the US Federal Reserve fednauannounced that it will use Hedera Hashgraph as its service provider. The HBAR, driven by the impact of news, saw an increase of 18 percent. The increase in HBAR does not appear to be slowing down, given that the crypto currency market has been pricing in news influences for some time now. How is the graph of HBAR increased by 35.95 percent in the last 24 hours?

Hedera (HBAR) Technical Analysis

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The HBAR, which exploded on FedNow news, moved from $0.558 to $0.0759. With an overall growth of 36%, HBARAs long as the news can maintain its momentum, it may attack $0.0779 – $0.0833 and $0.0918 respectively. In this process, Fed Now, news in the market and the price structure of BTC will also contribute.

Currently hovering between the next support and resistance levels, HBAR could test $0.070 – $0.065 and $0.062, respectively, if it starts showing selling pressure. If $0.062 is lost, a retracement is possible to $0.0558, which is the starting point for the rise.

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