The price is stuck in Pepe!

The price is stuck in Pepe!

In Pepe, which has reacted from an important support point (pepe) active hours continue.

bitcoin’deki In memcoin which started withdrawing due to volatility PEPE’nin Decline noted. PEPE, which is one of the most dominant coins in the uptrend, performed the opposite in the downtrend. At the moment, the dangerous process in Memecoin, which has found buyers from the support point, has not yet been overcome. What levels should be considered in PEPE?

Pepe Technical Analysis

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PEPE, which was trading at $0.00000136 at the time of writing, has not been able to break above the safe zone for the time being, although it has recovered from $0.00000133. Conditions such as a revival of the Memecoin market or a rally in BTC above $30,000 could propel PEPE price to $0.00000149 – 0.00000164 – 0.00000175 and 0.00000188, respectively.

Conditions such as a continuation of the selling wave in Memecoins or a failure of BTC to hold $28,900 as support will continue to move PEPE price. Support points to watch in the popular coin are 0.00000133- 0.00000128 – 0.00000120 and 0.00000106 respectively. Additionally, a downside move towards $0.00000106 could be a harbinger of a bigger decline.

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