Three Altcoins Destroyed!  Unlisted Effects!

Three Altcoins Destroyed! Unlisted Effects!

delisted by binance three altcoinsThere was a huge reduction in

Serum, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the period (s r m), the DeFi industry favorite (yfii) and Sonam (snmBinance withdraw to be done. Following the notable delisting news of the day, it was observed that these three altcoins were almost wiped out.

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most surprising serum occurred. solana Serum, which is on the network, was also very popular in the FTX era. With the bankruptcy of FTX, serumThere was a sharp decline in Binance announced this morning that it has closed its Serum account.

Serum SRM
Serum (SRM) Graphic

Binance delists three altcoins

Binance Launches Serum (That Marked an Era)s r m),’i (yfii) and Sonam (snm) announced that it had removed it from the list.

made by binance withdraw Soon after its announcement, all three altcoins took a heavy fall. s r m, 15 percentwith a decrease of close to $0.062 spends at the level. YFII side, approx accept itDecreased.

YFII Graphics (YFII) Graphic

The strongest decline was experienced by SNM, with the effect of the delisting news. SNM experienced a decline of more than 30 percent, which prompted a reaction from investors.

Binance, these three altcoins withdraw No He listed the reasons for this as;

  • Team commitment to the project
  • Level and quality of development activity
  • Trading Volume and Liquidity
  • Network stability and protection against attacks
  • network/smart contract stability
  • public communication level
  • Respond to our periodic due diligence requests
  • Evidence of unethical/fraudulent practice or negligence
  • Contributing to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

binance, s r m, YFII They snm’nin It announced that it would be delisted from the stock market on 22 August.