Voyager sale begins: Dozens of tokens sold

Voyager sale begins: Dozens of tokens sold

Voyager, one of the bankrupt crypto lending companies that received court approval to sell assets a few months ago, launched these sales through the Coinbase exchange.

According to data shared by on-chain tracking platform LookOnChain;

approximately $25 million from the 836 BTC sale,
approximately $17.6 million from the sale of 9570 Ether,
approximately $14.4 million from the sale of 14 trillion SHIBs,
Approximately $1.7 million from 234,500 link sales
approximately $1.27 million from sales of 1.8 million units of MATIC,
approximately $1.1 million from 3 million MANA sales,
approximately $8.27 million from the sale of 52.4 million VGX tokens,
371 thousand dollars from the sale of 537 thousand KNC,
approximately $286K from 1.18M FTM sales,
approximately $140,000 from 20.7 million STMX sales,
And sales of 4.85 million GALAs generated approximately $111,000.

In addition to these tokens, dozens of other assets were also sold. As a result of all these sales, Voyager received $84.5 million from Coinbase and invested this money in the Circle company.

As you may recall, Voyager Company filed for bankruptcy on July 6 last year. In March, the New York bankruptcy court approved Voyager’s asset sale plan.

There was also a sale of Voyager to Binance.US, but the sale was still not approved by regulators, despite court permission.

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