What is Islamic Card Tayyab?  what does tayyab mean

What is Islamic Card Tayyab? what does tayyab mean

Firstly Islamic Card Tayyab started its service in Türkiye. “Order your first Islamic card today and earn your money.” Tayyab, introduced with the slogan, provides the service through a mobile application. Users ask, “What does Tayyap mean?” They are thinking of answering the question…

Which is the first Islamic card Tayyab?

Tayyab, the first Islamic card that works through a mobile application, began to be used in Turkey. The card’s website reads, “Order your first Islamic card today and save money.” Statement included.

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Also on the site is the card, “Tayyab Prepaid Digital/Physical Card is a card service that can be used by anyone, regardless of religion, and offers modern and ethical solutions that will enable you to make your payments conveniently ” it was said.

Tayyyab Card Payment and Electronic Money Services Sipe Electronic Para Ve Degitim Hizmetalleri A.Ş. Provided by (Cipe). Tayyab Technologies Computer Programming Software Inc. (Tayyab) is Sipay’s intermediary in the conduct of payment and electronic money services, acting on behalf of Sipay and its account.

islamic cart tayyab

How does Tayyab Card work?

When we look at the marketing strategy of the card, 119 TL is charged for the first time on the physical card. The monthly fee was also named “Monthly Maintenance Fee” and is charged 7 TL every month. In addition, the cost of depositing money from ATMs is 1.5-2 TL, transfer to IBAN costs 2 TL.

what does tayyab mean

Tayyab is associated with the meaning of “halal, clean, good and pleasant”. Emphasis is placed on the meaning of the word Tayyyab and the function of the first Islamic card.






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