Beaches in the crosshairs: how much do they really pay in taxes

Beaches in the crosshairs: how much do they really pay in taxes

The seaside resort is one of those categories that often wins the respect of political history. There has been a long-standing tussle between Italy and Europe regarding this bath concessions, bolkestein instructions In 2006 member states were forced to liberalize public beaches by keeping public tenders open to all European operators in the name of market competition.

Seaside Concessions in Italy

Italy has long been confused and the European Commission has launched a Violation process, then suspended pending reforms. The crux of the matter is that in Italy concessions are renewed without a tender to those who already have concessions.

The Milleproghe Decree has established a new extension for beach concessions: all have been postponed until ok 2024, By that deadline, Italy must balance the concessions, or else European sanctions will be lifted. numbers presented by Italian Bath Association talk about 103,620 concessions Per 6,318 Bathing Establishments I 1 billion turnover total year.

Then there are the numbers from the Court of Auditors: in 2020 the state collected €92.5 million from 12,166 concessions for “tourist use” (one of a variety of concessions) at an average fee of 7,603 euros per year.

bathroom cost

Closing the premise, let’s move to management costs. These bathroom costtaken from the site beach world,

  • bathhouses pay 22% Eva, They are the only tourist enterprises to face this rate: hotels, campsites and tourist villages benefit from a reduced rate of 10%;
  • Department Payment by bathing establishments applies to the whole surface under the concession, not only to the buildings (reception, bar, kiosk, restaurant, changing room, toilet, etc…): the occupied part of the beach is also counted is the surface area. Taari is paid for throughout the year, even though the plant is only active in the summer months;
  • bath establishments payemu on buildings;
  • then state duty is applied regional and municipal taxes,

This relates to the chapter on taxation. then there’s the chapter on AI management costBeyond, of course, the salaries of the staff employed in reception, catering and managing the deckchairs and umbrellas.

  • As anticipated, the first expense is concession related. It never drops below 2,500 euros per year, which is the minimum figure set by law in 2021 by an August decree. Certainly low figures compared to European standards, but beach resorts respond by saying that, despite limited concessions, their category provides services that in other union countries fall within the purview of the municipality to which they belong, i.e. safety and cleanliness;
  • The law requires that establishments equip themselves rescue Service composed of lifeguards, bluebottles, turrets and defibrillators;
  • Bathers took responsibility beach cleaning which includes the use of beach cleaning machines and disposal service;
  • Establishments are asked to implement rise of the dunes So that the coasts can be protected from storm waves.

how much does a bathhouse earn

It is very difficult to establish how much a bathhouse earns, as the answer depends on seasonality, demand, location, entrepreneurial ability, and climatic conditions. However, we can make some assumptions.

Assuming the absurdity that all sunbeds and umbrellas are rented during the month and that there is no daily turnover between customers (those who stay in the morning, ie stay all day) we can envisage the following earnings related to a are equipped with 100 umbrellas,

  • Under these conditions, an establishment in a remote and unpopular area that rents an umbrella and two sunbeds 15 euro per day generates monthly income of 45 mi euro,
  • an establishment that rents out an umbrella and two sunbeds 30 euro per day Generates double the monthly income, ie 90 mi euro,
  • A VIP establishment that rents an umbrella and two sunbeds 100 euro per day generates monthly income of 300 thousand euro,

These are purely hypothetical current earnings. Liberalization of bathing establishments may one day bring significant changes.

does not mention the cost for Parking (sometimes inside the plant), for Rain (sometimes for a fee), for food and drink and forEntertainment Children and adults, where present.





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