Coinbase gets approval for futures trading!

Coinbase gets approval for futures trading!

coinbaseFrom the National Futures Association (nfa) was approved.

cryptocurrency exchange coinbaseis preparing to launch its futures for institutional investors in the United States. Announcing today’s news, Coinbase said that the company is now officially a futures commission merchant (fcm) said that he was given permission to operate the platform.

Will launch futures on bitcoin and ethereum

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Aside seconds Coinbase continues to make a name for itself by receiving approval from the NFA. Announcing that it will launch futures trading in BTC and ETH parity, the exchange said,US-adjusted futures coming soon.Further, adding that it aims to provide a safe and harmonious environment for its customers, the company said that it will focus more on these issues with its new move.

Coinbase made a statement on its website calling out to its users, saying that they should sign up for a waiting list and early access opportunity. Furthermore, the exchange taking such a step despite regulatory pressure from the SEC was appreciated by the users.