Collaboration with Microsoft on artificial intelligence by LiverFi

Collaboration with Microsoft on artificial intelligence by LiverFi

LiverFi platform also became one of the crypto companies that announced a partnership with Microsoft. “Leverfy will work with Microsoft to develop technology in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will be harnessed in this area by creating decentralized finance solutions that will ease users’ problems and monitor on-chain portfolios.

In the announcement, it was noted that the parties have been working for months and that a company such as Microsoft, which is a leader in this technology, has been consciously and voluntarily chosen to integrate artificial intelligence into the decentralized finance sector.

Stating that the necessary development will be done with the Morpheus program powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, the company said that thanks to this program, users will be able to follow their on-chain portfolio live and thus make early market moves.

In addition to the high risks, users face many complex problems, especially in the DeFi industry, where in the first quarter of 2023 alone, there were several hacking attacks and more than $480 million in funds were stolen.

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