Crisis is rising in Terra Classic (LUNC)!

Crisis is rising in Terra Classic (LUNC)!

Terra Classic, which has lost about 25 percent of its value in the last 24 hours (away), reached an all-time low.

4th ranking on CoinMarketCap, marking a period lunaSince its fall has been on the agenda with various crises. The Terra ecosystem, which launched the LUNC token with the sinking of LUNA, became the focus of reactions with the latest price action in the token. With a drop of 24.76 percent in the last 24-hours, LUNC reached an all-time low of $0.000060.

LUNC graphic deadlock

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LUNC, which crashed in no time, fell to $0.000060 and ruined the appearance of the technical structure. The once-popular coin, which has hit an all-time low, remains in danger even though it has risen to $0.000070 at the moment. Also, due to insufficient data in the chart, LUNC investors can’t guess what to do.

Due to the deterioration of the technical structure, especially in the short term, the Fibonacci indicator may present different data. The critical points for the indicator are 0.00007318 – 0.00007066 – 0.00006814 and 0.00006859 respectively. Price action in these areas can be followed closely. If the decline continues, contact at $0.000060 seems possible again.

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