Cryptomining companies set up lobby groups in the US

Cryptomining companies set up lobby groups in the US

The US cryptomining industry has also established a lobbying group. The group, called the Digital Energy Council, will hold talks with politicians in Washington and work to clear up misconceptions about cryptocurrency mining.

The group, which was officially established yesterday and announced on its Twitter account, said that “this council will only work on digital asset mining and energy policies and will do it at the federal level.” First, the group would work only on issues of the United States.

As will be recalled, in March, US President Joe Biden wanted to include a clause in a draft law that would make it mandatory to gradually increase the tax on cryptocurrency miners to 30 percent. As a result of the discussion, this item was removed from the bill and the miners heaved a sigh of relief.

Here, the Crypto Mining Council is planning to hold meetings with politicians in the US capital to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

One of the council’s main goals will be to change the perception that miners are constantly wasting energy and that American homes are getting the right energy.

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