Gary Gensler's warning to crypto companies!

Gary Gensler’s warning to crypto companies!

seconds Chief Gary Gensler, Artificial Intelligence (oh) technology, given that crypto firms should take note.

Securities and Exchange Commission (seconds) chairman, Gary Gensler, emphasized in his statement Tuesday that AI is on his radar. Commenting on the technology at the time for AI, Gensler also said that it was an effective weapon in manipulating the capital markets. Expressing that crypto companies should be careful about AI, the head of the SEC made striking statements within the framework of the law.

artificial intelligence

“We are focused on avoiding difficulties”

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In today’s technical statement about AI, Gary Gensler underscored that finance should be extra careful. President, who published a series of articles on X, “Within our current mandate, we are focused on defending against both the micro and macro challenges of AI.” Said.

Noting the positive aspects of the technology, Gensler, who cautioned about AI-related crypto companies, said it facilitates opening financial accounts, compliance programs, trading algorithms, sentiment analysis and many other issues. In conclusion, stressing that fraud is final as per the securities laws, the SEC chief said that activities will continue to prevent all kinds of threats in the capital markets.





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