Microsoft's impact on Aptos (APT): 23 percent drop!

Microsoft’s impact on Aptos (APT): 23 percent drop!

Partnership with Microsoft on artificial intelligence, Aptos (apart), crashed shortly after the impact of the news wore off.

artificial intelligence Announcing a Partnership with Microsoft on Solutions apartImmediately there was an increase of more than 20 percent. However, the excitement of the news waned over time btc’nin The test, which he did for $29,000, made the momentum in the APT short-lived. How is the technical side progressing for APT, which is also on the list of today’s top losers?

aptos (apt) chart analysis

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APT, buoyed by the Microsoft news, pleased its investor by jumping from $6.66 to $8. However, the inability to maintain the strength of the news and the slide in BTC almost shook the price of APT. What levels are important in APT, which has dropped 23 percent in just a few days?

At the time of writing, APT, which is trading at $6.45, may aim for $6.825 – 7,278 – 7.80 – 8.33 and $8.83, respectively, as long as it rises above $6.68. A continuation of the BTC decline or any negative news from the Aptos ecosystem could bring the price back towards $5.90. A break below this price will intensify the selling pressure in APT.

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