New Details on Donald Trump’s Crypto Wallet!

A recently released financial report has revealed that Donald Trump has more assets in his crypto wallet.

Recently, a crypto wallet data belonging to former US President Donald Trump was published. The wallet contained $250,000 – $500,000 worth of cryptocurrency. But a recent financial report revealed that the value was $2.8 million. The former US President, who makes huge profits from his NFT collection, has grabbed attention by sharing a new report.

He was once against crypto!

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Donald Trump, who made frequent social media posts about the crypto industry in 2019, opposed bitcoin (BTC) and said it was a fraud. Stating that he doesn’t like BTC because it competes against the dollar, Trump insinuated that the crypto asset could be counterfeit and could bring disaster.

With the NFT industry becoming increasingly popular and profitable, many well-known names have flocked to the sector. One of them was Donald Trump, who at that time was constantly condemning cryptocurrencies. The former US President who has earned huge income from his own NFTs currently has assets of $2.8 million in ETH wallet.

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