New meme coin alert: what is SONIK coin?

New meme coin alert: what is SONIK coin?

Sonic Coin is available for pre-sale. SONIK, a new community-focused meme coin, aims to be the fastest growing project in its field and is already growing rapidly in its field.

What is Sonic Coin?

Sonic Coin (SONIK) has launched a public pre-sale phase with a total supply of 300 billion, of which 50 percent is reserved for early investors.

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The price of SONIK token was $0.000014 in the process. Thus, the aim is that meme coin enthusiasts will join the project before the DEX launch when the pre-sale is over.

As outlined in the Sonic Coin whitepaper, the Tokonomics distribution also includes a 10% margin for exchange liquidity to reduce post-launch price volatility.

What are Sonic Features?

Without any private funding rounds, the SONIK founders have emphasized their community-focused approach from the start.

The recently introduced pre-sale has a limit of just $2 million, and investors will be able to participate using either $ETH or $USDT.

According to CoinGecko, once the hard threshold is met, SONIK will be listed on Uniswap, one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the world.

On the other hand, the setup attracted a surprising amount of attention, with the Sonic Coin pre-sale raising $20,000 within the first 24 hours.

sonic coin

Sonic Coin Market Data

In addition to a fair pre-sale, the team at Sonic Coin has pledged 40 percent of the total token supply as stake rewards for SONIK holders.

This staking protocol gives Mem Coin a use case beyond trading and speculative potential. Thus, SONIK holders can earn substantial APY returns by staking their tokens.

According to the token’s website, the current stake APY is over 4,300 percent, with approximately 555 million SONIK tokens already locked up.

Beyond passive income, Sonic’s staking protocol aims to promote long-term holding of the coin, thereby supporting price stability. This staking scheme is rare in the meme coin sector, which has historically been filled with tokens that lack real-world use cases.

With SONIK staking, token holders can make a tangible impact in helping the development team achieve its goals. In this way, SONIK holders have power beyond buying and selling tokens, underscoring the project’s community-centric approach.






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