OpenX fines 3AC founders for market manipulation

OpenX fines 3AC founders for market manipulation

The founders of 3AC were fined, this time from Dubai, for the newly established OPNX exchange. Kyle Davis, Su Zhu, Mark Lamb and the company’s CEO Leslie Lamb, who are well-known names in the crypto world, were fined 200 thousand dirhams ($ 54 thousand) and the company $ 2.7 million for not complying with the rules. Went.

It was said that the authorities have paid the fine of $54,000, but the fine of $2.7 million has not yet been paid. Due to this situation, it was noted that the regulatory body is considering taking additional measures against the VARA OPNX stock exchange.

VARA also warned OPNX in May for advertising without complying with necessary regulations.

Where they are is still unknown…

As is known, Su Zhu and Kyle Davis were the founders of 3AC Company. After the fall of Terra Luna, the two could not save their company and disappeared. Although they did not have a search warrant like Terra Luna founder Do Kwon, the two, who did not reveal their whereabouts, claiming their lives were in danger, later founded the company OPNX.

OPNX is best known as a platform where debts of bankrupt crypto companies are traded.

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