Tom Lee Claims $180,000 for Bitcoin at the End of the Year

Tom Lee Claims $180,000 for Bitcoin at the End of the Year

Tom Lee, founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, a New York-based research and asset management firm, said that the price of bitcoin could rise to $180,000. Stating that spot bitcoin ETF demands must be approved in the United States for this price to arrive, Lee said inflation is likely to fall below 2 percent.

Drawing attention from comments made in several financial channels in the United States, Lee’s assessment in a program attended by CNBC is as follows:

“Inflation may fall below 2%”

August is usually a surprising month. After strong times in July, August is scary. Inflation figures will come at the end of the month. Perhaps a better phase can come after these figures. I think core inflation has also started coming down gradually. Inflation may drop below 3% or even 2%. Yes it can go below 2 as well. I think the S&P 500 may even end the year at an all-time high, even if it falls in August.

“Bitcoin can be 180 thousand dollars”

If spot bitcoin ETFs are accepted, the demand will be much higher than daily issued bitcoin. The price analysis of the crypto department of our company shows that if such a situation occurs, 150 thousand dollars can be exceeded. It could also be $180k. If it is not approved, there will be an increase again due to halving next year, but the 6-digit number will not appear.

It was published:

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