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Airlines against dear-flying decree, Rome: letter to Brussels

Complaints increase later hold of rome Facing Expensive Flights: That’s Not All Ryanair, In fact, the European Airlines Association enters the fray, Airlines for Europe that turned to the EU Commission To clarify “with Italy” the effect of the decree on the European air transport market “Free and unregulated.”,

Dear Flights, Airlines Against Rome

in particular, in view of possible domino effect in other countries, The question is whether this measure does not infringe on the right of airlines to compete and set their own prices and services. However, for the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, the announced measures are “fully in line with European directives on consumer protection”.

“Value freedom is a key component Regarding the success of the single European aviation market – said Airlines for Europe on its part – and we are concerned that the decree-law in Italy violates the EU rules that guarantee this freedom and seriously threatens the single aviation market. formally compromises. We have asked the European Commission to address our concerns with the Italian authorities and ensure full compliance with EU laws governing the single aviation market in Europe.”

letter to brussels

for its part, EU Commission yes He would only confirm that he had received a letter from the European Airlines Association for Europe: “We are looking into it”, says a spokesman for the EU executive. For the rest, he reiterates the position already expressed on the decree: “The Commission services have contacted the Italian authorities and expect to receive more detailed information on the content of the measure in question”, he continues.

Rome: “speculative event”

Meanwhile, Mimit reiterated that he “intervened after”fictional events” Competition on routes to and from Sicily highlighted by Guarantor. ENAC, he said, has discovered how ticket prices have increased in a completely disproportionate way, coinciding with catastrophic events, such as the derailment of a freight train near Firenze Castello station or in Emilia-Romagna. floods, when other means of transport were not practical”. The ministry then explained that it wanted to “protect citizen-users from speculative incidents” that “occurred in just a matter of moments”. need more”





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