Alliance broken, more than 9 points between parties: Data

Alliance broken, more than 9 points between parties: Data

Mid-August is over and the political machine will soon be back on track, September is drawing near and the MPs’ vacation weeks are drawing to a close. While waiting for the Montestorio and the doors of Palazzo Madama to reopen, where representatives and senators will settle down to return to their daily work for the good of the nation, however, there are those who celebrate and those who lick their wounds. The latest polls show politicians are drawing a picture of the situation in Italy.

There are those who, not surprisingly, affirm themselves in front of everyone as the brothers of Italy’s Giorgia Meloni and, on the other hand, try to put the pieces back together like the Democratic Party and the Left in general. Such a situation, if we go to vote today, there will be a clear result in the election.

center-right position

There are conclusions to take stock of the situation lab2101 According to Afari Italiani, surveys that present a picture of balance in the Italian political landscape almost a year after the elections saw a victory for the centre-right wing. And the alliance is always ahead, thank you and above all Georgia melons And its brothers from italy Which remains the first party in the country with 29.4% and +0.3 compared to previous polls which gives hope to the Azzurri.

it goes up and goes into double digits will take Of Matthew Salvini, Which rises to 10.2% with a jump of 0.6% and is followed by a negative run made up of several ups and downs. About forza ItalyAn orphan of Silvio Berlusconi, is today at 7.6%, a figure that is in line with the result obtained in September 2022 and which, in a transition phase caused by Knight’s death, makes us smile.

Then, too, has to grow we moderate, which reaches 0.7%, registering +0.2%. considering all center-rightTherefore, the coalition received +1.2% of the vote, which increased 47,6%, Given this, when compared to the policies for 2022, this is a huge step forward with an apparent +3.6% increase in one year.

what happens to the left

Yes, there are people who party, but there are also those who want to secrete sparkling wine and toast away, too. even 9 points away, the distance between fdi and is so match democratic Which has reached 20.2% by losing 0.1 in the latest surveys.

The first months as secretary were quite the opposite Eli mud, which after exponential growth now sees Dems navigating visually. he also loses action Of Charles Calenda, which falls from 0.3 to 3.9% Italy Greetings! Of Matthew Renzi It is stable at 2.7% (-0.1%).

The only exception is in the opposition 5 star movement by Giuseppe Conte, which registered an increase of 0.7% and reached 15.8%.

Regarding minor parties, the Green-Left Alliance fell from 3.6% to 3.4% and +Europe fell to 2.6% (-0.1%). Therefore, the centre-left coalition collects a total of 26,2% Demonstrating once again a really substantial delay on the part of the centre-right, if we were to vote on policies today, they would quietly retain power and, in fact, be confirmed thanks to the development that, on the other hand, , The left is incapable. The majority of the people are dealing with various other problems with the government, such as the much-discussed issue of expensive fuel.





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