Are you looking for a property?  Here's who gets the first home bonus

Are you looking for a property? Here’s who gets the first home bonus

what are the characteristics of First Home Bonus is reserved for those under the age of 36, But above all, what concessions are expected for 2023? Let’s start by remembering that budget law To encourage home buying by the youngest, this measure has been extended for the entire year.

To access the First Home Bonus, those under the age of 36 must meet certain requirements. If they are not to be respected then we run away Risk of losing the benefits provided by the remedy, Before continuing, we remind you that the benefits reserved for the youngest are valid for those who buy their first home before 31 December 2023 (unless extended at the last minute).

First Home Bonus: How It Works

The First Home Bonus, reserved for those under 36, is valid throughout 2023. Extension till 31 December 2023 was established budget lawwhich proceeded to expand the measures that had at least initially been introduced by the Sostegni bis decree.

What are the features of this special discount? But above all, how does it work and how is it possible to access it? thought to answer these questions Mini guide prepared directly by revenue agency, This document becomes of special importance, because in the last update it provides for the clarification of some doubts that have arisen on certain aspects. In fact, it has been clarified:

  • What isconvenience,
  • What is the person who deserves it,
  • What is properties that can be purchased taking advantage of the benefits provided by the remedy;
  • what cases do you run risk of losing profit,

tax to pay

First Home Bonus, reserved for those under 36, offers, for the first time,exemption from paying certain taxes,
In case the purchases are made from private entities, which Not subject to VAT rulesThe following taxes will not have to be paid:

  • record,
  • mortgage,
  • cadastral,

On the other hand, when purchases are made a subject subject to VAT regulationsIn addition to the tax exemptions that we’ve just seen, recognized a tax credit Which can be used in the following ways:

  • to execute payment of inheritance and gift taxescredits that result from actions and complaints submitted after the acquisition date;
  • Per pay personal income tax Due to the submission of tax return at a later date than the subsidized purchase;
  • Per clear any other dues Via F24 model.

First Home Bonus: Requirements

To access the First Home Bonus, the Directly Concerned Individuals will have to Comply with certain requirements while making the deed,

Let’s start with the most important requirement: definitive contract of sale must be entered on the date that falls in full during the period in which the relief is effective, This means that the property must be bought In the period between 26 May 2021 to 31 December 2023,

In addition, the buyers are required to comply with certain conditions. Most importantly, at the age level, Has not completed 36 years of age at the time of signing the deed, Therefore, in order to define the date of the Fixed Sale Contract, it is necessary to keep this particular time frame in mind.

Another requirement that should be taken into account is that of the ISEE, i.e. Indicator of Equivalent Economic Status, which Must not exceed 40,000 Euro,

conditions must be respected

to reach till first home bonus Three very important conditions must also be met:

  • must be buyer shall occupy or establish his abode in the municipality in which the property is situated within eighteen months from the date of purchase;
  • Buyers – Not Even Spouses – Must Be the holder of rights to the property, the enjoyment, use or residence of any other property it is situated in the area of ​​the municipality in which the place to be purchased is situated;
  • Buyers must not own Another property bought with first home subsidy, If it is in their possession, they have to sell it within one year from the date of new purchase.

objective requirements of the property

To access the first home bonus, the property must have some subject to sale objective needs, Properties falling in the following cadastral categories are eligible for the benefit:

  • A/2;
  • A/3;
  • A/4;
  • A/5;
  • A/6;
  • A/7;
  • A/11.

Convenience as well as access to the property is provided related goods, In this case a special condition must be respected: each property must have at most one relevance for each the following cadastral categories,

As far as relevance is concerned it can be bought occurs at a later time and also with a separate deed With respect to the property deed, the first house to be built. In any case, it is also required that the term date of the second sale contract falls directly within the facility window between May 26, 2021 and December 31, 2023.

What if you lose the exemption

The revenue agency’s guide pauses to analyze cases in which You lose possession of the benefit after it has been received, A special case is made up of young buyers under the age of 36, but with ISEE over 40,000 Euro, In this case, the age requirement is respected, but not the ISE value. However, in this case, taxes have to be paid, which are as follows:

  • registration tax equal to 2% of the value of the property;
  • mortgage and land tax: Everyone has to pay a fixed amount of 50 Euros.

if purchased subject to VAT regulationsInstead, you need:

  • pay the Registration, Mortgage and Land Tax,
  • you have to return Tax credit availed for VAT,
  • And must pay VATWith a rate of 4%.

However, the most serious consequences arise from forfeiture of a subsidy for one of the following reasons:

  • issued a false declaration of the existence of requisitioned goodspresented at the time of purchase;
  • failure to transfer residence within the established terms;
  • sale within five yearsNot after repurchase within the year;
  • Missed Isolation of the previous “first house” Within one year of purchasing new.

In these cases, interested parties must pay a 9% registration tax and mortgage and land tax in fixed amounts of 50 euros each. In addition, VAT must be reimbursed and sanctions are expected.





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