ATMs "spit out" money blown away by the storm: banks are scrambling to the rescue

ATMs “spit out” money blown away by the storm: banks are scrambling to the rescue

It is the dream of all current account holders to withdraw money from ATM and actually get more money than requested, but it is like a utopia as such cases are very rare. Yet there are those who have recently realized this dream in Italy and beyond, but they know that the future consequences could be really bad, with banks running for cover and charging “with interest”. Chances are, they have taken advantage of this technical problem.

ATM attack

Morse Back, Vita Cheese Said to be Latin, the term is still in vogue today to describe all opportunistic behavior. and it’s somewhat similar to what was done in Ireland, where the “death” technique was used bank of ireland It becomes an opportunity of “life” for various current account holders.

Actually, the computer has encountered a serious problem in the last few hours worm not insignificant in the system, ATMs crashed allowing users to withdraw or transfer more money than was actually available in their accounts. There are also people who took advantage of this by scoring Record withdrawals and activitiesOthers still preferred to take a little more to get rid of some of the craze because, sooner or later, all the knots will have come home to settle.

But in the hours of chaos, many Irishmen stormed the branches to take advantage of the problem.

bank runs for cover

However, just hours later, Bank of Ireland became aware of the problem due to Irish law enforcement noticing and reporting an unusual amount of activity at some of the country’s ATMs.

In no time, through some investigation, everything became clear and later Bank of Ireland rushed for the cover. The technical issues have been resolved and the system has been restored, but customers have received a notification that funds have been transferred or withdrawn It will still be charged to the accounts, Hence the invitation: “We invite all customers who may be in financial difficulty due to an overdraft on their account to contact us”.

what happens and what to do

A similar incident also happened recently in Italy, but due to a serious mistake by one of the ATM banknote “replenishers”, who loaded the 20 Euro denomination into the 50 Euro drawer and vice versa, causing many customers to withdraw more than that. was allowed. desired amount. Yes, a serious mistake, but it was quickly fixed.

In fact, the bank has the possibility to trace all withdrawals made after the card is inserted and, if the data between the actual withdrawal and the account debited differ, it has the possibility to debit the correct amount. Therefore, in the event of such “accidents”, the advice is definitely not to take advantage of it, because sooner or later the bank presents the account in every sense.

who exploited wormTherefore, he has to return to the branch to “self-report” and return the erroneously withdrawn amount before the bank initiates the check itself, which, in cases of extremely high withdrawals, ends up with anything but a negligible overdraft. It is possible