Because the Revenue Agency is closing thousands of VAT numbers

Because the Revenue Agency is closing thousands of VAT numbers

Nothing but holidays for the revenue agency in this scorching summer of 2023, a season in which maximum heat has reached its extreme from the meteorological point of view. And the last two-and-a-half months have also seen a lot of turmoil in the government agency’s rooms, trying to juggle between scrutiny and intense scrutiny. The most frequent scams are related to VAT.

revenue agency, which, in fact, used a stiff fist and “Open and close” surrounded smart people of VAT numbersOften scams are created for the purpose and then hurriedly leave or shut down before paying taxes in Italy.

More than one thousand VAT numbers closed

The work of the revenue agency over the last two and a half months has had a very specific purpose, namely to put under the magnifying glass all those suspicious VAT numbers which in recent years seem to have been evaded by taking advantage of zipping on and off . pay taxes. In fact, the phenomenon of “open and closed” VAT numbers is very frequent in our country, businesses are often opened by non-EU citizens who start business in Italy and close before they start paying taxes. are given.

In doing so, the entrepreneurs close the business without paying a single euro to the Italian coffers, before the state takes notice of them. A real stealth move that has had a decisive impact on the Italian economy, which, however, thanks to a recent government provision, has been said to stop.

And the work of the revenue agency over the past few months has made it possible to find and close many 1.200, All this became possible thanks to the latest budget law, which introduced new control tools to the agency that are clearly working.

In fact, the agency has begun to phase out its office for all VAT numbers that are characterized by a profile of “serious and/or systematic tax evasion and non-fulfilment” in the practice of activities carried out after a short period of time. Are. And Those who have faced captivity have no way of escapeBecause if the presentation of a three-year guarantee with a minimum of 50,000 euros does not come, then the chances of opening a new VAT number are zero.

stop the bullies

But where have the most VATH matches ended? According to data presented by the agency, most of the suspicious establishments revolved around Lombardy, Lazio and Campania, which had only one common denominator, namely the foreign origin of the “cunning” entrepreneurs.

Notably, of the 1,200 VAT numbers closed in the past two and a half months, nearly 400 were Lombardy (359), those after Lazio (254), companies (166), tuscany I Veneto (105).

But that’s not all, as another 500 VAT numbers opened in 2021 and 2022 have come to the fore, which will be subjected to further scrutiny and which may soon undergo the same treatment as the 1,200 stopped by the revenue agency.

To these must also be added more than 800,000 checks on inactive VAT numbers, which have shown no sign of life for more than three years, to the government agency, to which a preventive communication of office closure will be sent in the next few days. No explanation on arrival for non-submission of VAT returns from 2019 to 2021.