Bitcoin Couldn't Withstand The Selling Pressure!

Bitcoin Couldn’t Withstand The Selling Pressure!

Bitcoin, which could not maintain the support of $ 29 thousand 250 (B T c), fell 2.75 percent to $28,340.

It looks like the sellers have taken the lead in BTC, which has been struggling in a smaller price range for some time now. BTC, which could not hold the $29,262 support and declined, dropped to $28,340. The leading cryptocurrency, which is currently trading at $28,616, continues to be a cause of concern among investors. What is the latest position in the current BTC chart? Which price movements can be followed?

bitcoin (btc) chart rating

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BTC, which saw a straight selloff with a loss of $29,262, saw buyers at $28,616 at the time of writing. The decline could be deeper if the leading cryptocurrency, which has lost strength due to positive news and the end of the summer season, fails to hold $28,400. Support levels for BTC are $28,406 – $28,039 and $27,467 respectively.

Such news that could push the market higher or above $28,900 would strengthen the buyers in BTC. An increase above $28,900 and towards $29,262 could pave the way for a trip to $30,000. The $29,500 – $29,700 band will be crucial in this process.

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