Celebrity NFTs Fall: Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton Sue!

Celebrity NFTs Fall: Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton Sue!

A group nft investor, famous name nft He said that he would take the step of litigation due to the reduction in the price.

destroying an era nft With lawsuits being filed against famous names, this trend is shifting the agenda. At that time many popular names launched their own NFTs, generating huge revenue. But, nft The depreciation of the sector and cryptocurrencies resulted in incredible losses for aspiring investors. The latest development regarding the events is that a group of NFT investors will be suing well-known names.

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30 defendants have been named in the case

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An NFT community, Sotheby’s Holdings Inc. and other names due to the drop in price of celebrity-endorsed collectibles. The four plaintiffs named in the class action described the NFT as “deceptive”. The case information is reported to have 30 defendants.

The lawsuits, which have involved celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton, have generally been described as profiteering from false interest. The legal team of the plaintiff side said that they are working intensively on the related complaints. Popular names like Justin Sun and Paris Hilton are yet to make a statement on the subject.





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