China will be one step ahead of revolutionary laser weapon!

China will be one step ahead of revolutionary laser weapon!

Chinese scientists claim to have found a way to develop a laser weapon capable of firing repeatedly. This operation was impossible till now. If this claim is true, it would mean that China has overtaken the United States in the development of high-energy laser weapons.

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Recently, Futura exemplified the preparation of the most powerful laser cannon by the United States at the moment. It will be able to reach a maximum power of 500 kW, making it an effective weapon for shooting down missiles and armed drones. But on their part, the Chinese are also developing their own laser weapons. These can be endowed with revolutionary benefits. A property that would increase the rate of fire indefinitely, which other existing laser weapons cannot do. Laser guns of this time suffer from one major handicap, which is overheating. Storing so much energy to provide a powerful laser inevitably produces a large heat stroke. Regardless of progress, if they gain power, you’ll have to wait for the temperature to cool down before taking another shot, or use less energy for a new shot. To solve this problem, it seems that researchers at the National University of Defense Technology in Hunan, China, have developed a cooling system that allows a laser weapon to operate indefinitely and fire repeatedly without overheating. allows.

Repeated laser shots without overheating

Without giving details, to address this temperature concern, the scientists developed a system capable of flowing gas through the laser chamber. This will quickly dissipate residual heat to obtain an acceptable temperature for reproducing high power shot. If this innovation proves to be true, it will give a huge edge to the country. chinese media South China Morning Post, Those who shine a light on this supposedly revolutionary technology take the opportunity to criticize the progress and failures of the Americans with their own laser cannons. If the Chinese process has not yet been tested, the communication warfare is working well.


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