Gensler Linked To "Reject Bitcoin ETFs," Says Group

Gensler Linked To “Reject Bitcoin ETFs,” Says Group

It turns out that the formation, which sent a letter to the institution when the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requested comments from the market regarding the Fidelity Bitcoin ETF, has received support from a number of anti-crypto figures. .

Claiming to be a non-profit organization, Better Markets used very harsh statements about cryptocurrencies in its letter to the SEC last week, claiming that only scammers are winners in this sector.

Matt Walsh, the founder of Castle Island Ventures along with Nick Carter, a well-known name in the world of crypto money, revealed in a short tweet on Twitter who the supporters of Better Markets are.

“As Elizabeth Warren and Gensler wrote…”

Asserting that Better Markets sent both questionable and false comments on the Fidelity Bitcoin ETF to which the SEC requested comment, Walsh used the following statement:

Time closed last week for comments on the Fidelity Bitcoin ETF. And recently the comment of Better Markets has come in front of us. The commentary paper on bitcoin’s spot and futures markets contains a number of questionable and in fact false claims. It is as if the letter was written by anti-crypto people like Elizabeth Warren, Gary Gensler or Sherrod Brown. So guess who supports Better Market? Warren, Brown and Gensler…”

“Gensler met him like no one else”

While sharing all three anti-crypto names’ laudatory words about Better Markets, Walsh also said from Gensler’s public information that he had met with Better Markets a total of 9 times:

“According to Gensler’s public schedule, he has met with Better Markets 9 times since becoming president in 2021. When you look at the digital asset market, no one has seen Gensler so much. Perhaps SBF can be an exception here. All of this shows us that the SEC’s digital asset policy should be seriously questioned.”

It was published:

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