Healthcare innovation moves to blockchain with DrBIO

Healthcare innovation moves to blockchain with DrBIO

One of the areas where blockchain technology has expanded is health. As blockchain technology continues to spread across every sector, new players are joining the developing technology. However, Quantum DrBIO stands out as a blockchain-based trading platform responsible for the realization and global dissemination of inventions. The crypto asset of Quantum DrBIO is defined as $DrBIO.

Based on the power of blockchain technology, Quantum DrBIO aims to help bring new inventions to life and spread them globally. For this, the platform first identified seven innovations in the fields of health, environment and energy and adapted the use of these inventions to blockchain technology.

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All necessary legal, financial, technical and scientific infrastructure is being created for worldwide distribution and commercialization of each discovered invention. When the blockchain integration of inventions is complete and the invention is economically mature, it is included in the platform.

These innovations are promoted globally through partners known as “developers” on the platform. This highlights the commercial revenue potential of each innovation as well as incentivizes the generation of $DrBIO in return for commercial activities. The use of $DrBIO is achieved through the use of innovative technologies, which helps burn cryptocurrencies in circulation and reduce costs for developers using the innovation. This ensures that the amount of crypto in circulation is stable.

The business value created by each innovation creates the biological value of $DrBIO. All innovation converges on the $DrBIO ecosystem, creating a growing economy that supports each other.

However, on the platform, each invention ecosystem is referred to as a “diamond” and seven different businesses are represented on the seven diamonds. The smart contract design is also configured accordingly.

The first two diamonds in question were introduced with quantum signal therapy, an award-winning biotechnology breakthrough in health care. This invention is an effective treatment technique on all those viruses and bacteria which are of utmost importance to the humanity. In the first phase of treatment, the focus was on incurable diseases occurring in humans and animals. The manager of the first diamond, VetBiotech Biotechnology Inc., plans to launch animal treatments in the first quarter of 2023. AVB Biotechnology Inc., the manager of the second diamond, aims to launch treatments for pandemic and deadly diseases in humans in 2024.

The participants in these two ecosystems are health care professionals and healthcare organizations. The reward system is set as a “save life” bonus after treatment with quantum signal therapy. That is, for each disease treated, the health care professional concerned will be able to receive $DrBIO bonus. The disease and treatment data required to receive rewards will accelerate the generation of cryptocurrencies determined by smart contracts.

Quantum DrBIO Network will be launched in 2023 by Quantum Scientific Investments Inc. The first Diamond Ecosystem is from WetBiotech and the second Diamond Ecosystem is from AVB. Health Tech Investment Fund has been set up for new projects. Global MD Portfolio manages this fund.

Lastly, Quantum DrBIO does not take the traditional method of raising funds with an ICO. However, it aims to create a market by offering a limited number of cryptos on Uniswap. It plans to list with the CEX in late 2023. The third and fourth diamond ecosystems will be announced after CEX.





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