Migrants, landing doubled: PNRR's construction sites for regular ready employment

Migrants, landing doubled: PNRR’s construction sites for regular ready employment

Landing continues in Lampedusa, During the night, 299 migrants arrived with seven small boats departing from Sfax TunisiaAfter 454 people reached the island during the 14th landing and the body of a young Egyptian was found on a small boat and probably died from petrol fumes. Hotspot is now far beyond capacity: At present the place welcomes about 1,900 expatriates despite being equipped for a few hundred. stress last evening port empedoclesA total of 548 people have been transferred here – in the province of Agrigento – which reassured the prefect Filippo Romano postpone ferry trip Line. First, in fact, we need to lighten the presence between the gazebo and the tensile structure of Porto Empedocles.

interior ministry numbers

According to statistics from the Ministry of the Interior they were Landing of 89,158 migrants in first seven months in 2023, with a percentage change almost double the 2022 period’s 41,435 115,18%, Italy is the main country of departure Tunisia (Last year it was Libya). i increase Rescued In the following summary events, 72.64% of cases were involved: 64,764 (of which 3,777 were rescued by NGOs) while 19,171 in 2022 (6,224 were rescued by NGOs). repatriation There were 2,561 (+28.05%) as compared to 2,000 last year. Asylum requests are also increasing: 72,460 (+70.59%). “We will especially strengthen the system of expelling those who have proved to be dangerous; And we will provide faster resources and procedures for the creation of CPRs, centers where illegal immigrants are expelled”, Matteo Piantedosi, the Minister of the Interior, announced in an interview with Il Messagero.

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PNRR and Regular Migrants

In the meantime, Most people work for the convenience of employment non-EU migrants In construction sites of PNRR, This measure provides for the creation of a Bus Lane let them at least enter Italy 10 thousand more foreign employees And get the plan off the ground quickly. its operation is scheduled early september – The conversion law of the Pa-bis decree is expected to be published in the Official Gazette – and requires companies based in the peninsula to employ non-EU workers on Italian construction sites already under contract for at least 12 years in the last two years will be allowed to appoint month. A “short cut” whose purpose is mainly to favor all specialized companies construction area. system that already allows expedited visa For researchers and academics.

new number of flow decree

10,000 new foreign workers will increase 136 thousand arrivals of seasonal and non-seasonal workers, authorized for 2023 by the Meloni government. This estimate is not very high, but according to the government it is bound to increase as construction sites are actually opened for PNRR works. absorb a large portion of the 60,000 workers Which was stated by ANCE (National Association of Building Builders) as necessary to complete the infrastructure financed from the European Fund. overall flow order Launched a few weeks ago, the government has anticipated 452,000 admissions for a period of three yearsCompared to the known requirement of 833,000 units. Detail: For the first year, 136,000 immigrants will be authorized to enter (against 274,800 workers needed), another 151,000 in 2024 (against 277,000 jobs available), another 165,000 in 2025 (out of 280,600 places requested).