NASA is preparing us to postpone the return of Americans to the Moon for several years

NASA is preparing us to postpone the return of Americans to the Moon for several years

As of early 2021, Futura has been warning about NASA’s inability to land its astronauts on the Moon by 2025. The facts have confirmed our concerns, with many of the programs required for Artemis III lagging far behind their initial plans. This situation may force NASA to review its mission and consider alternatives to the initial objective of landing two American astronauts on the Moon in December 2025.

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The project of the withdrawal of the United States was launched under the presidency of Trump lunelune May take longer than expected. Despite an initial target of 2024, then pushed to 2025, it is increasingly likely NASANASA This mission will have to be postponed for a few years.

Artemis: Why won’t the Americans return to the Moon before 2025 or 2028?

The rest of the work has to be done to finalize SpaceX’s lunar lander, life support system and wearable spacesuit. AstronautAstronautDue to budget constraints, it is unlikely that NASA will be ready to land a crew of two astronauts on the surface of the Moon until 2025. Additionally, there are problems with the Orion capsule’s heat shield, which was more damaged than expected during Artemis I’s return to Earth. , Add other challenges ahead.

A different mission has been envisaged

Today, NASA is slowly beginning to recognize the improbable aspect of landing on the Moon in December 2025. During a conference call held on August 8, the agency reminded that the return date to the Moon was still set for December 2025, but it indicated, without giving further details on that option, that if delayed the Artemis III mission would be a ” may develop into a separate mission”. It is clear that we are heading towards a manned mission without a landing, unless we consider that there will be several years (four, even four) between the Artemis II scheduled for NASA 2024 and the barracks on the Moon with Artemis. that five) is willing to accept the difference. Third.

This is not the first time that NASA has considered modifying the Artemis III mission’s architecture. In September 2020, there was less of a question of a return date to the Moon, instead of directly targeting a site at the South Pole, which poses many technical problems, simplifying the task by landing on the equatorial plain of the Apollo missions. This idea, proposed by then-Administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, was eventually abandoned.


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