Snapchat's artificial intelligence shocked users with this weird video

Snapchat’s artificial intelligence shocked users with this weird video

My AI, Snapchat’s chatbot, went viral this week after posting a bizarre video and stopping to respond to user messages. According to Snapchat, a simple glitch…

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When a user on Snapchat suddenly refuses to respond to messages and posts a cryptic story off the wall, it would be easy to believe a teen who’s just been bullied. However, the account in question is My AI, the social network’s official chatbot, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

It was surprising that users found the video posted on the My AI account on Tuesday night. They were particularly surprised because artificial intelligence does not normally have this ability. The video is about a second long and shows what could be the top of a wall and ceiling, leading many users to wonder if it was taken in their home and therefore IA was spying on them. Worse, the chatbot stopped responding to users altogether, adding to their concern.

Story posted to Snapchat by chatbot My AI. © Lumin, Snapchat

A simple glitch, according to Snapchat

The malfunction had to be quickly detected internally, as the video was removed in less than an hour. The official response from a Snapchat spokesperson is limited to saying that it was a bug. , My AI had a temporary glitch that is now resolved ,” he claimed before confirming that the chatbot does not have the ability to publish stories. Perhaps this is a sign that the company is working on a new feature…

This isn’t the first controversy surrounding Snapchat’s chatbot, and it probably won’t be the last. When it launched, it was widely criticized for misinformation, and the fact that not only could it be accessed by underage accounts, but it was impossible to remove without a Snapchat+ subscription. .


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