Sting insurance, from car liability insurance to home policies: Rising prices

Sting insurance, from car liability insurance to home policies: Rising prices

wisdom grows for me in our country insurance prices The house is attached after the floods, hailstorms and storms that have affected various regions of Italy in recent months, from Lombardy through Emilia Romagna to Veneto. The complaint came in the last few hours from the Italian Association of Damage Appraisers, AIPD, which by analyzing iStat data also indicates a strong increase for rates In the motor liability sector.

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Home related insurance prices go up +9.1% in July Compared to the same period last year – AIPED’s analysis – a very strong upward trend which in all likelihood responds to the greater demand for home insurance coverage by Italians. During the year, and especially between the months of May and June, the following events take place unfavorable cConcerns related to the effects of climate change have actually multiplied in northern Italy, especially for the risks associated with housing.

From motor liability insurance to home insurance policies

alarm that triggered growing number of Italians Taking out an insurance policy on homes to cover bad weather or extraordinary climatic conditions like hailstorm, tornado, hurricane, etc. The type of insurance, which now costs an average of 138.5 euros per household, applying the increase predicted by Istat. But we need to be careful – Aipad warns.

“These are policies that do not cover all extreme events, and many, for example, exclude damage caused by earthquakes, floods and avalanches – explains the President louis mercury Companies then impose limits and deductibles on the insured, and it is important to read the terms carefully, as damage to balconies, roofs, flues, satellite antennas, etc. are often not covered.

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But rates are rising too rc car, With Istat, which forecasts an increase of +3.3% in July for the item “Insurance on means of transport” on an annual basis – experts report – “This means that, the average price of a policy estimated by Evas will be 362 euros In comparison to the third quarter of 2022, l‘rc car price goes up to about 12 euro, settlement on average 374 euros. If we consider that 32.5 million cars move around in Italy, the major expense for policyholders would be equivalent to 390 million euros” – concluded Mercurio.





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