Study finds Paris is Europe's deadliest city during heat waves

Study finds Paris is Europe’s deadliest city during heat waves

Faced with the dangers of global warming, Paris sadly stands out as the city most vulnerable to heat waves. A recent study highlights the alarmingly high death rate in the capital during extreme temperatures. As Europe adapts, Paris must rethink its urban planning to protect its residents.

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To better prepare for current climate risks and those that may increase in the future, a team of English researchers analyzed a set of data on 854 European cities between 1Is January 2000 and December 31, 2019: Statement weather reportweather report, demographic data on adults over the age of 20, information on the type of infrastructure present, but also socio-economic, topographic and environmental factors. Data Eurostat, MCC (Multi-City Collaborative Research Network), an international collaborative tool, satellite network of NASANASA Medium-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometerand Europe’s Climate Watchdog Copernicus, Thanks to these tools, the researchers were able to estimate the risks of extreme temperatures for Europeans according to their geographic location.

The goal is to accurately predict the cities where temperature extremes (hot or cold) are most likely to occur. EventEvent on the health and mortality of its inhabitants. And the results are instructive: Western Europe, a region that is already warming three to four times faster than the rest of the world, is also the region associated with the highest death rates. HeatHeat and cold. and according to the study published in The Lancet Planetary HealthParis and London are the two major European cities most at risk: Paris is the city most at risk of dying from the heat, and London is the city most at risk of dying from the cold!

Paris is Europe’s deadliest city in heat wave conditions

Why does Paris top the ranking of European cities where the heat is most dangerous, even ahead of Spain or Italy where temperatures can soar higher? Due to the fragility of its population, but above all its urbanization makes it completely unsuitable for summer. Paris is one of the cities most affected by the urban heat island phenomenon. According to the Paris Region Institute, ” Significant temperature differences can be observed between Paris and rural areas (up to 10 °C during the extraordinary heat of 2003)”.,

2I at 9I According to the Construction21 website, the districts most vulnerable to heat wave conditions are due to impervious soils and density of buildings, as well as lack of vegetation.

London least adapted to cold

Cold is still more deadly than heat in Europe (but globally, it’s the opposite): cold killed 203,620 people in Europe during the study period, compared to 20,173 from heat.

London tops the list of extreme cold deaths, even though it is not the coldest city in Europe. In question, the poverty of a part of the population that obliges them to live in poorly heated and particularly poorly insulated housing.