The delisting frenzy continues: OKX has announced the next three coins!

The delisting frenzy continues: OKX has announced the next three coins!

binance Unlisted trend is starting from the side, Ok The stock exchange has issued a warning on its social media accounts announcing the delisting of three popular coins on June 26.

binance’in Lately, I’ve been using the serum (s r m) had a great impact on the market. SRM, once the most popular coin of the era, nearly crashed with the delisting news. As of today, it has made a delisting announcement. Ok, Pointed to the three coins. Two of these coins were projects that marked the period and led to rigorous pricing.

Three coins will be given away on June 26th!

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OKEx caused panic among investors by announcing that it would delist CVC/USDT, DASH/USDT and ENJ/USDT parities on June 26. The delisting of ENJ, which is one of the first coins to come to mind when the Metaverse is mentioned, has spoiled the taste of Metaverse enthusiasts and crypto investors.

DASH was recently shaken by the news of OKEx delisting after successfully completing the halving process. DASH, one of the well-established coins in the market, will no longer be on OKX from June 26th. A common key point in coins to be removed is the presence of USDT parity. The most preferred pairs for trading will no longer be available on OKX for CVC, DASH and ENJ.





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