The Maui fires in Hawaii grew somewhat surprising

The Maui fires in Hawaii grew somewhat surprising

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According to the last report, more than 100 people have lost their lives in the fire in MauiArchipelagoArchipelago from Hawaii (USA). especially because of the circumstances weather reportweather report Adverse.

Apocalypse in Hawaii: How to explain the explosive fires that devastated Maui?

And, say scientists today, a problem they’ve been drawing attention to since at least 2018: Plants not nativenative which, since the closure of the sugarcane plantations andPineapplePineappleLiterally invaded the campus.

Plants are resistant to drought but not to fire

These brushwoods were imported from Africa by European ranchers who were looking for drought-resistant plants. Except that those selected, such as Guinea grass, have been particularly opportunistic. As a result, we now find them along roadsides and even between houses. and during seasonseason They become highly flammable when dry.

In 2018, more than 20 homes were destroyed by a fire on the island. The affected areas were 85% covered by this non-native brush. Experts then warned that these herbicides – which, in addition, like to grow back terraceterrace BURNED–More devastating fires could break out in the future…

Stop Maui from becoming a powder pile again

In 2021, Maui County called for a halt to the spread of these shrubs. Experts are now proposing to return the landAgricultureAgriculture, and bringing sheep, cattle or goats to pasture so that they can control the growth of these unwanted weeds.





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