Was there speculation of a Microsoft partnership?  Nearly 35% off!

Was there speculation of a Microsoft partnership? Nearly 35% off!

Microsoft announces partnership with Lever FinanceLever, 35 percentexperienced a decline of approx.

Lately, the news impact has been heavily covered in the crypto industry. Crypto projects manage to attract the attention of investors with partnership or collaboration announcements. Investors approach projects by setting expectations and becoming partners in project development.

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However, this situation lever finance Not implemented as expected. Although Lever Finance made a sensational announcement, it was disappointing in terms of cryptocurrencies. Microsoft immediately after the announcement Lever, 35 percentfell near. Investors are wondering why.

It dropped 35 percent after the news of the Microsoft partnership!

Microsoft Announcing that it has partnered with Lever Finance (Lever), investors got jittery after this news. Lever, 35% drop, The reasons behind this are interesting.

Lever Finance, Day 2 medium posted an announcement. In this announcement, the project team said that it has partnered with Microsoft for artificial intelligence development. The effect of the news increased the interest of investors in the project. Thus, severe growth towards the liver was observed.

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Lever Finance’s announcement last fall is being considered speculation. Because after this news there was a huge fall in the project and the investors had to bear the loss. No statement has come on this issue yet.

lever finance lever

Although LEVER is trading at $0.001776 due to the impact of the news, today it is trading around $0.001180. The project’s cryptocurrency declined by about 35 percent. Although this is reflected as a reduction due to the passing of news effect, the situation leaves a question mark in the mind when the market value of the project and the size of the news are taken into account. It is one of the topics discussed that speculation can be a news and thus sold to new investors in the project.





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