World ranking of top universities: how are Italians doing?

World ranking of top universities: how are Italians doing?

published a new Ranking of the best universities in the world: List of last 15 August Arvu ,Academic Ranking of World Universitiesprepared by the organization Shanghai Ranking Consultancy It made the list of 1,000 best universities.

Ranking of the best universities in the world

About this methodological notesArvu took into account 6 evaluation parameters: i. Nobel Prize No Madegli Fields alumni (10%) or researchers At a single university (20%), the number of highly cited researchers ranks second clear analytics (20%), publication on nature and science (20%) and finally Citation (20%) of techno-social publications.

Although the excellence of the first in the standings is undoubted, as you move away from the top the ranking becomes more and more indicative: for example, it may happen that a reality represents the top in the scientific field and lags behind in the humanities. goes, or vice versa. For example, take the case of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, which is ranked 16th in the ARVU 2023 ranking. The university is an undisputed excellence globally, but has significant disparities: it ranks second in the world in medical technology, but slips in the 151–200 range with respect to oceanographic science. And again: The university ranks No. 3 in terms of nursing sciences, but falls in the 201-300 range regarding communication sciences.

If you are interested in a particular university, this may be useful Browse through University Rankings relative to personal learning area,

At the top of the list are the commonly known names, ie the super famous American and British academies. 40 Italian women on the list, best found in italians rome wisdom,

The most prestigious universities in the world: top 10

Top 10 most important universities in the world completely English speaking: 8 stars and stripes reality and two British:

  1. Harvard – USA
  2. Stanford – USA
  3. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – USA
  4. Cambridge – Great Britain
  5. Berkeley-USA
  6. Princeton – One
  7. Oxford – Great Britain
  8. Columbia University – USA
  9. California Institute of Technology – USA
  10. University of Chicago – USA

Best Universities in Italy

is the first among Italian universities rome wisdomThe only university at Bell Pace to place itself in the 101-150 bracket.

The five best teaching areas of intelligence specifically, according to Arvu:

  • Automation and Control – 28th worldwide;
  • Aerospace Engineering – Rank 30;
  • Physics – place 34;
  • Telecommunication Engineering – Range 51-75;
  • Mathematics – Range 51-75;
  • Civil Engineering – Band 51-75.

Sapienza is already ranked 134th according to the QS World University Rankings.

In the Center for World University Rankings’ most recent Global 2000 list, Sapienza ranked 116th.

As mentioned, a total of 40 Italian universities are included in the Academic Ranking of World Universities. For brevity, we report the top 20:

  1. Sapienza University of Rome – Range 101-150
  2. University of Milan – Range 151-200
  3. University of Padua – Band 151-200
  4. University of Pisa – Band 151-200
  5. Milan Polytechnic – Range 201-300
  6. University of Bologna – Band 201-300
  7. Federico II University of Naples Band 201-300
  8. University of Turin – Band 201-300
  9. University of Florence – Band 301-400
  10. University of Milan-Bicocca – Range 301-400
  11. Humanitas University of Pieve Emanuel (MI) – Band 301-400
  12. Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan – Band 401-500
  13. Bari University – Range 401-500
  14. University of Genoa – Range 401-500
  15. University of Pavia – Band 401-500
  16. University of Trento – Band 401-500
  17. Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan – Band 401-500
  18. Normal High School of Pisa – Range 401-500
  19. University of Catania – Band 501-600
  20. University of Palermo – Range 501-600

As far as the best Masters in Business Administration being among the top 10 in the world, we find Bocconi in Milan.

For more information, please visit the Shanghai Rankings website which includes rankings of the best universities in the world.





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