BMW i7 Protection: The world's first armored electric car can withstand bombing!

Bomb is not afraid of the first armored electric car!

Armored luxury sedans, many manufacturers offer them. But the first in this range of all-electric models has been unveiled by German manufacturer BMW – with the promise of unequaled levels of safety. The BMW i7 Protection will be presented to the general public in early September at the upcoming Munich International Motor Show.

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More and more manufacturers are now offering armored versions of their best sedans. These models are primarily intended for customers operating in at-risk countries or environments. The first full-electric model of its kind has just been unveiled.

German manufacturer BMW presents its latest generation of safety vehicles in the luxury sedan segment, two models derived from the new BMW 7 Series and its electric version, the i7. BMW promises an unmatched level of security here, which is theoretically immune to any weapon feufeu And even explosive, while maintaining a level of driving comfort and position worthy of the best sedans available in the market.

BMW’s first electric armored sedan

The world’s first all-electric protection saloon, the BMW i7 Protection has a protection core built from the body structure steelsteel shielded combined with additional shielding foundationfoundation an you toittoit, In addition to making the vehicle particularly safe, this system also slightly increases the space in the passenger compartment. About this windowswindows, we are obviously talking about armored glass here, which will protect even against the firing of large-caliber military ammunition. As for the tyres, supplied by Michelin, they have a run-flat ring on the rim, which allows the car to run up to 80 km/h even in the event of a total damage. Gives ExpressionExpression,

Note that, in its thermal version, the BMW 7 Series Protection also includes a fuel tank with a special envelope that allows it to be sealed after being shot to prevent fuel loss.

This means that theoretically the occupants are safe from drone strikes and scattered fragments hand grenadeshand grenades by hand. These models have already been subjected to firearm testing and various explosions by experts from an independent public testing institute. These security sedans provide tailored protection in armed attack scenarios, knowing that they can receive a power supply system, as per customer request. AirAir expenses, an automatic fire extinguisher, flashing lights and even flag holders for official vehicles. For the rest, they have the same driving aids and various options as the classic 7 Series and i7.

BMW has been producing protection vehicles for over 40 years and the i7 Protection is the first fully electric model of its kind. BMW 7 Series and i7 Protection to be presented to the public at the upcoming International Motor Showautomobileautomobile Munich (IAA Mobility), which will take place from September 5 to 10, 2023. The first tailor-made deliveries are expected by December.


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