CoBAC Workspaces Will Accept Bitcoin On Some Products

CoBAC Workspaces Will Accept Bitcoin On Some Products

CoBAC Workspace, the co-working and living space in Eminonu, Istanbul, takes another important step in closely following technology and experiencing innovation. CoBAC Workspaces, which will be a first in the coworking space industry, will begin accepting bitcoin as a payment method for day passes, hot desks and meeting room reservations starting August 19, 2023.

Since 2021, CoBAC has been the home base and meeting point for the TwentyBir Community and the Istanbul Bitcoin Gathering. CoBAC opens collaborative and event space for monthly meetings for the bitcoin community in Turkey, and hosts events that anyone who wants to learn and interact about bitcoin can attend. These meetings have included presentations on the technology and economics of bitcoin by well-known bitcoin advocates and developers Jimmy Song, Jesse Schrader, Adem Billiken, Julian Lininger, Burak Keseli, Alikan Vergin, and Kemal Yasser; Practical workshops and Socratic seminars are also organized.

In 2022, the CoBAC workspace hosted “Lightning Hackdays Istanbul”, a 3-day developer conference organized by Berlin-based company Fulmo. The event was attended by over 250 Lightning Network developers from 20 countries.

CoBAC Co-Founder and Director, Gökhan Gurçoglu said, “The move to digital innovations represents a progressive step towards expanding the CoBAC community. As CoBAC Workspaces, starting August 19th, 2023, we are starting to use bitcoin for our day passes, hot desk and meeting room reservations in collaboration with Blink. Due to the legal situation in Turkey, many startups are concerned about the legality of accepting bitcoin payments. However, according to a recent legal review by Ozkesar Law and Elite Law Offices, there does not appear to be any explicit prohibition in Turkish law against small businesses accepting bitcoin in exchange for goods or services. Gave statements.

On August 19, 2023, the Innovation Experience event, where it will be announced to accept payments with bitcoin, will take place at the CoBAC Terrace Garden. Refreshments will be offered as well as networking opportunities in front of a view of the Golden Horn, accompanied by a live performance by Bilal Görgen. The event will also take place after the official after party of the BTC-IST bitcoin conference, held on August 18 and organized by US-based bitcoin company Swann.

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